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Sign Ups: Click Battle Registration link

Registration: $75 per team
Deadline (Registration and Form): June 30th 2024

1Up Crew presents Deuce Ace, a 3v3 choreography battle in tournament format. Each team is required to prepare 4 routines in hopes to go through prelims, top 8, top 4, and finals. These teams are able to strategically place their routine in order to have advantage over their opponents.

Prelims will be judged by score of 1-10 by each of the judges and advancing the top 8 teams with the highest scores. The remaining teams will be placed in an 8-team tournament bracket. Scoring high during prelims will give advantages throughout the tournament, such as, highest seed will be awarded with going second during tournament rounds. The higher the score, the higher the seed (ex: #1 seed vs #8 seed, #8 will go first).

During the 8-team tournament bracket, after both teams finish their routine, each judge will point to the team they believe should advance to the next round. Judges will also be voting on specific dance categories: grooves and textures, performance and entertainment, musicality and technique. Based on these skills, judges will cast their opinion on who advances.