Director & Co-Founder

Tarik “Tslidah” Rollerson

Specialty: Choreography - Hip Hop, Freestyle Krump

Tarik Rollerson age 26 was born in Richmond, Ca. Tarik has trained in styles such as Hip Hop, Krump, Locking, Popping, House, Turfing, Modern, Jazz, and Ballet. At 12 years, old he was an assistant director and choreographer for Imani’s Dream and by age 13 he was teaching dance as an assistant at Destiny Art Center. At age 18, he joined Academy of Villains. Tarik has danced on teams such as : City Shock SF / Funk Beyond Control, Mini Shock Oakland, Destiny Arts Center, Imani’s Dream, Sunset Academy Of Dance, and Warriors Junior Jam Squad. He has been trained by: Darnell Carroll, Mario Ponce, Bryce Norris, Allan Frias, Kim Sims-Battiste, Rennie Harris, Christopher “Pharside” Jennings, Krystal Meraz, Daniel Kang, Leslie Panitchpakdi, and Kalin Smothers. Tarik currently trains in Krump as Kid Brawlly, under his big homie “Brawlly” aka Twin Neptune (Kalin Smothers). In 2013, Tarik joined Groove Against The Machine and in March of that same year Co-Founded and became the director of 1Up crew. Tarik is a full time instructor; he teaches at East Bay Center for Preforming Arts in Richmond, CA At the center he has taught several children in youth in the Richmond Unified school district as well as a weekly class at the main site. He also teaches at Sunset Academy of Dance (2016 - Present), there he is a director and choreographer for “Clickish” which is a youth Hip Hop dance team. He is also an instructor at In The Groove Studios where he is currently teaching Intermediate/Advance Hip Hop on Wednesdays at 8pm. Tarik’s personal goal is to push his choreography so he can travel and teach. His goal with 1Up Crew is to build the Bay Area dance community and bring us all together as a unit, as well as bridging the gap between the choreography and freestyle world.
Event ResearcherChoreography Member

Herman Billingsley

Speciality : Choreography - Afro Fusion


Herman Billingsley Jr, age 28 born in Oakland, raised in Fairfield/Vacaville CA. He is a member of 1 Up crew & co-director at Bliss Urban Arts Center. Herman started dancing in 2003 after watching the film cYou Got Served. He began training in choreography and theatre with Bliss Urban Arts Center in Vacaville around 2009, then began training in freestyle as well as choreography with 1 Up crew in Oakland around 2015 to present. He has performed and competed at events such as Prelude Norcal, World of Dance Bay Area, Hip Hop International, DAMSF, DAM OAKLAND, Evolution and Breakthrough. He is also a recipient of multiple dance scholarships from Monsters of hip hop dance convention. Herman possesses three degrees; social sciences, liberal arts and criminal justice.

Costume/Merchandise DesignerChoreography Member

Michaela Kimbrough

Specialty: Choreography - Hip Hop


Michaela Kimbrough, age 22 has been dancing since she was four years old. She has competed and performed all around the world and is trained in hip-hop, ballet, jazz, contemporary, and many other styles. She's been teaching hip-hop for five years and wants to share her passion for dance all around. She is also passionate about beauty & fashion. She owns her own business @makbrows doing permanent cosmetics/tattooing. She also designs and coordinates 1up clothing and costumes to keep the crew looking fresh & stylish.

Social Media AmbassadorChoreography Member

Tylah Moi

Specialty: Choreography - Hip Hop

Hi my name is Tylah and I run the social media for 1up, I am also a member of the choreography team! I am a director for the hip hop teams at Farnsworth Dance Academy in Vallejo as well as a choreographer at Bliss Dance Company in Vacaville. I have also trained in ballroom, hula and contemporary; along with doing musical theater for 5 years before deciding to fully focus on dance.

Hoang Huynh

Specialty: Krump, Poetry

Hoang Huynh (Com3dy) is a dancer/spoken word artist. Started exploring his artistry at age 12. He started training in Krump in 2006 and has travelled and won many battles while training with some of the best Krumpers in the world. Started his training in choreography in 2008 by joining Bliss Dance Company. Starting off as a dancer and working his way into BDC staff as a choreographer in 2010. Hoang has been a part of 1Up since 2016. His aim isn't for self recognition but to inspire people to try something new. "You never know what you can excel in if you never give it a shot. Do your part and be true to your art".
Artistic Director

Alton "Sly" Guevarra

Specialty: Freestyle - Turfing / Tutting

Alton Guevarra age 27 is a freestyle based dancer with over 10 years of dance experience. His style is all his own, a blend of street dance and comical stage performance. A San Francisco native, his style is heavily influenced by Bay Area culture including his primary style of dance, Turf Dancing; along with other styles including tutting, popping, Animation, and Choreography. The first time he was introduced to dance was at a house party while he still attended high school and he fell in love with the music and the culture, he knew that he had found something special. He started in the dance scene with a Bay Area based team called For The Cause. He eventually went on to direct the team. After the team disband he joined 1up Crew. Alton is currently the Artistic director and a choreographer for 1up Crew. He is a full time dance teacher, teaching in the Bay Area for 6 years. His credits include The Berkeley Opera, Sean Kingston, Super Bowl City, taking bronze medal in Hip Hop International, and 1st place at World Of Dance Bay Area. Originality, knowledge of history and foundation, and fun are elements he endorses every dancer to practice. Using dance as his main tool and passion, he makes it his mission to bring joy and laughter to others in order to make the world a better place.
Co-FounderMusic Producer

Hollis Contreras

Specialty: Popping


Hollis Contreras age 26, was born into a life around music with his dad being in a rock band and his mom always dancing. It wasn’t until his freshman year of high school that he started taking dance seriously. Through his high school years he found friends that led him to create a crew (originally “HyPNotik” later changed to “Malfunktion”) and joining another crew called “Jello Tech”. Styles that are within his realm include Popping, Krump, Animation, Tutting, and certain styles of Choreography. Through 2009-2012, he danced with “Academy of Villains”, he was initiated by beating 3 members in a battle. In 2013, he co-founded 1UP Crew with Tarik Rollerson and started producing music. In 2016, Hollis was asked by Bryan Dang to be a part of “Dang Attire” as a freestyler; in which he is still currently involved. He later on became the DJ and official Audio Engineer for the brand as well. Currently, he is a part time free lance audio engineer which includes; making beats, DJ’ing, mixing and mastering, and also making showcase and competition mixes for dance teams. In early 2017, Hollis made a decision to step away from dance to pursue music production. Although having stepped away from the performances and battles, he still includes himself in sessions, supporting the events, and keeps in contact with his roots and family he came from.

Freestyle Member

Sam “Zone” Reidy

Speciality : Popping/House


Sam Reidy also known as “Zone” is a Bay Area dancer from Redwood City, CA He is a member of 1UP Crew and Yerb Squad. Zone’s artistic approach is to represent a mix of cultural traditions, while innovating a futuristic and unique style of his own. He is a performer for Turfinc and Co Owner of Wreckenshop.com. He has danced for artists such as Wiz Khalifa, YG, Lupe Fiasco Troyboi, Thriftworks, Jorja Smith, etc. In 2018 he was on the Night Walkers Top 10 Tour and CSK North America Battle Tour.

Freestyle Member

Joseph “Scareface” Felix

Specialty: Breaking


Joseph “Scarface” Felix age 23 represents 1up crew, East side union, and headhunters crew! Scarface grew up in East side San Jose and began breaking at the age of 12. He has participated in multiple showcases and has even traveled to Switzerland and Hawaii to attend dance competitions. Scarface hopes that the audience can feel his passion and connection with the music while on the center stage.

Freestyle DirectorChoreography Member

Xavier “XAE” Comeaux

Specialty: Freestyle - Krump


Xavier Comeaux age 26 was born in Oakland, California. He started dancing at the age of 13 with Future Shock (of Culture Shock Oakland). Since then he has trained with teams such as Chapkis Dance Family, Academy Of Villains, and Groove Against the Machine. Xavier is a very versatile freestyle dancer. He has trained in styles such as Krump, Popping, and House. Over the years he’s performed with numerous artist such as Zendaya, Snoop Dogg, E-40, and Troyboi. Xavier is one of the Leaders of the 1 Up freestyle team as well as an original 1 Up crew member. He is currently on the Nightwalkers Session tour battle team and looks to continue performing. Spreading the love of dance to past, present & future generations.

Freestyle Member

Hector “Intricate” Ascencio

Specialty: Freestyle - Turfing/Tutting


Hector “Intricate” Ascencio age 23 s a Bay Area dancer from Hayward, CA. He has been dancing for 11 years. He comes from the T.U.R.F Dance Community and represents 1Up Crew, No Mercy, Tutgodz and Academy of Villains. He’s worked with a lot of humble artists such as Kendrick Lamar, G - Eazy, & TroyBoi. He has also competed and won at WOD Bay 2016 Headbangerz Brawl. Intricate has performed in various festivals and battles such as Great America with AOV, the Life is Beautiful Festival with Troyboi, and Fusion Concept 2017 in Paris, France.

He has also been a judge at Boba Battles, and WDA. Intricate strives to show everyone how you can use dance to better yourself as whole.


Ryan “Pandroid” Sarakul

Speciality : Animation


Ryan Sarakul age 29, is an Asian-American, Bay Area native from Richmond, CA. He is the official photographer/visual content creator for 1UP Crew and founder of visual content brand “I AM exclusv.” which specializes in portrait photography and artist videography.

Ryan, also known as “Pandroid”, represents 1UP Crews freestyle team, bringing 13 years of experience in performing and competing in battles. He has competed throughout the U.S. and internationally including: Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. He specializes in Popping as well as engaging and participating within the culture and communities of other genres including Hip-Hop, Funk Styles, and Choreography (1UP FAM). His focus is to constantly expand his knowledge of dance and visual arts to support communities as well as create opportunities for one another.

Freestyle Member

Natsuna Tateishi

Specialty: Locking/Waacking


Natsuna Tateishi age 18, has been dancing for 10 years. She started at the age of 8 learning to new jack swing. She started locking and whaacking at 10 years old and became her dance style of choice She has competed throughout the US and internationally in various countries including Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Canada, Italy, and Netherlands. From these competitions she has won titles such as NOTORIOUS IBE 2018, WOD BAY 2019, Hip Hop International (HHI) world battles 2019, Style Elements Anniversary 2016, 2018, 2019, Vancouver street dance 2019, project x 2018, Groovemekanex ANNIVERSARY Jam 2017 and 2019.

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